Gem is the name of Indium Boudoir clients. Gem: a precious stone, especially when cut and polished or engraved. Once you book with Indium, you will be considered an Indium Gem because you are a gem! You are precious. You are unique. Never feel like anything less. 

Perks of being an Indium Gem

+ Fully experience an Indium Boudoir photo shoot
+ Experience a huge confidence boost
+ Same day in-person viewing and ordering appointment
+ Exclusive access to Indium Gems Private Facebook group
+ Super pretty gem stone reminder necklace
+ Custom smartphone app to show off your photos privately
+ Hangout with Traci's super adorable pomeranian, Charli, when you're in the studio

Take the first step in becoming an Indium Gem today by submitting the inquiry form here

Need an excuse? Here are 13:

  1. Your birthday is coming up
  2. Your birthday just passed
  3. Your significant other's birthday is coming up
  4. Your wedding day is so soon
  5. Your anniversary is just around the corner
  6. You just went through a huge transformation internally or externally
  7. You just got out of a terrible relationship and now you're feeling free and happy
  8. Christmas will be here before you know it and you're unsure what to get him/her (buy your lady a giftcard)
  9. Your significant other would love this as a Valentines Day gift
  10. You're single and Valentine's Day to you is national singles awareness day and you'd like to give yourself a gift
  11. You're really pretty and you need everyone to see how pretty you are
  12. You have a ton of awesome lingerie that's collecting dust
  13. You recently had a baby and want to feel sexy and comfortable in your new "mom bod"

Let me know if none of these worked for you, and I'll think of some more.