When to Give Your Bridal Boudoir Photos to Your Fiancé

This gets brought up often and there is no right or wrong time so I wanted to share four perfect times to give your fiancé your bridal boudoir photos!

  1. The night before!
    This is a great way to keep things extra private and to make them that much more excited for the big day! Also a good option so you don't have to pack it in your Mary Poppin's style wedding bag.
  2. The morning of!
    Hand it off to your MOH to deliver, but don't forget that there may be more eyes on it than you'd like. But also who cares because you'll be hot AF and off the market. If you don't want to gift them all the morning of, you could include a single 5x7 print in a lovey dovey card to let them know there's more to come at the end of the night. A fun surprise and something they'll look forward to all day!
  3. The wedding night!
    Give them on the wedding night. You could even drop a hint mid-wedding day to keep them guessing. This way, you know your photos are safe and sound and for their eyes only.
  4. The honeymoon!
    If you're really patient, you could gift them during the honey moon. A perfect time for such a gift, but I'd personally be super antsy to share! 

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Why Do I Shoot Boudoir? | Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

WHY? Why do my clients choose me and why do I shoot boudoir?

Being the realest, I avoided photographing boudoir for years. I’ve been a photographer since 2007 and I didn’t have my first boudoir session until 2015. 8 years ugh *face palm*. If I could go back in time, I would. I always thought boudoir was “weird”. Not weird as in "ew why would someone want photos in their undies"...weird like "uhh why is the lighting and outfits and editing so bad?" I wasn’t inspired by it. I didn’t like the very few photos I saw of it. Cringey is probably the word. I was so sheltered in my early career because I worked for traditional studios so I honestly didn't see much of it. Our focus was weddings.

 This is basically what I'm talking about llololol

This is basically what I'm talking about llololol

When I went out on my own, I really started exploring the whole photography industry and found worlds of talent. Then finally, I found a different kind of boudoir photographer and then I found even more after that. It sucks that it took me seeing other great boudoir work to realize it can be beautiful, but I wasn't ever interested in "fixing" boudoir. Like I said, I avoided it. So I am super happy I came across these amazing boudoir artists. Quickly, I'm talkin' days, I photographed a friend in my apartment. I instantly fell in love with the art and now it is my only type of photography I offer.

There are TOO MANY women in this world who have no idea how gorgeous they are. I’ve always felt this way. I’ve always seen the beauty in every woman since I was little. Now I have the tools to show someone else what I see. It’s such a gift. There are a lot of women too who think the only pretty photos of themselves are selfies. They don’t believe someone else can get a good photo of them. My work is nowhere near a selfie or a snapchat filter, but I promise it’s better.

My clients choose to hire me for my stellar reputation, my one-of-a-kind style, high quality of photography, and the amazing experience I offer. So come get nakey in front of my camera. You've got nothing to lose.


WTF Am I Doing? | Kansas City Boudoir

What you think you'll be doing at your boudoir session...


What you'll actually be doing at Indium Boudoir...

I virtually pinky promise that I will give you 100% direction the entire shoot. From telling you where to be, where to look, how to look, physically placing your legs, arms, hair, finger tips, toes. I'll adjust your lingerie and give you prompts. I'll do the pose myself before you get into it. I'll definitely be constantly reminding you to arch your back and pop your booty. I do it all!

My clients are not models, but if you think they LOOK like models, then I've done a job damn well done! I want my gems to feel like super models. That's part of the fun. The further we get into the shoot, the more comfortable you'll get. You're totally free to move on your own too, but most don't move until I say. The scariest step is committing to your boudoir session. Arriving might be nerve wracking too. The moment you sit in the makeup chair, those nerves will float away! It's just a matter of following direction after that. 

I know it's scary to be vulnerable. It's scary to not know if you'll love the photos or know if you're "good enough" for boudoir. I'm telling you that you are! I have never had an unhappy client. So here I am, ready when you are. Take a risk. Do something outside of your comfort zone. It's more than photos. It's an experience you'll never forget.