I finally did it! All of my clients ask me if I've done my own boudoir session and I always felt like a hypocrite when I responded with "no". I wanted to do my own session not only relate to my clients, but to feel what they get to feel: confident, liberated, and gorgeous. I found an awesome photographer via instagram, themorty, who resided in Portland. So I gifted Daniel a flight to Portland with me for his birthday gift this past July. Yes, I wanted to go there because of the photographer, BUT I also wanted to explore the beauty of the PNW. I knew it'd be super magical.

Little did I know that not only would the trip lead me to my own boudoir session, it also led me to Daniel getting down on one knee asking me to spend the rest of my life with him in front of the prettiest waterfall! Yes, boudoir and getting engaged all in one trip. BEST. TRIP. EVER.

Photographer: Jesse Salter Photography

Photographer: Jesse Salter Photography

Back to boudoir. I finally felt what all of my clients must feel prior.

Problem: Shopping
I didn't know what to buy. I didn't really want to shop online because it takes time to ship, you don't know if it'll fit, and you don't know if it'll even look good on you.
Solution: Lucky for me, I already had a few things...I am a boudoir photographer after all. I did want some new looks though so I ended up going to the mall THE DAY BEFORE we left for Portland. I was there for 5 hours!? I mostly bought from F21 & Victoria's Secret. I tried on SO MUCH that did not look good on me. I ended up picking all black 2 pieces and one nude bodysuit that was on clearance (score!). 
Tip: Shop 4-5 weeks prior to your shoot! VS can order things for you if they don't have your size and you can have the luxury of shopping online.

Problem: Makeup
Unfortunately, the photographer did not include a makeup artist and didn't have any recommendations. I also feared the makeup would turn out not how I wanted so I gathered some Pinterest makeup photos to show the artist.
Solution: I scoured instagram searching hashtags, found one, booked her...then she actually cancelled on me at 7am the morning of my shoot. SO I did what any normal person would do, scheduled an appointment with the MAC counter. I showed him my inspo photos and it turned out gorgeous. I ended up doing my own hair.
Tip: I include a pro hair and makeup artist with my shoots so you don't have to worry about this!

Problem: Insecurities
Like any woman, I have insecurities too: stretch marks, cellulite, break outs, chubby cheeks (maybe that last one is just me). I don't think of myself as hot or sexy. I'm more laid back, t-shirt and jeans, basic makeup kind of girl. Not model material at all. I also was worried about posing.
Solution: I could have worked out prior, but I didn't. I did tell the photographer a couple things I was worried about and we both agreed that Photoshop is magic (duh). Honestly, as the shoot went on, my insecurities didn't go away, but I did have fun! I felt comfortable, relaxed, and like my hair was really cooperating. I knew my makeup looked effing awesome and my lingerie picks were perfect for me. He did want me to pose on my own some which I didn't like because I'm not a model, but lucky for YOU, if you pick me as your boudoir photographer, I will direct you the entire time. 
Tip: Try not to worry! I am a Photoshop and Posing Queen (although I don't believe in over photoshopping). I will make you look your absolute best and bring out your inner model. 

Moral of the story, GO FOR IT! No matter how skeptical you are on whether your photos will turn out as gorgeous as I believe they will or as pretty as your latest selfie, you should just try it. Majority of us are not super models and will never be on the cover of Vogue or Sports Illustrated. Could we be though? DUH GIRL! All I'm saying is you should let yourself be a model beauty queen for a day. Push fear and anxiety to the side. The experience is like nothing else.

Photographer: TheMorty