In her words -- "I don't know how to start my "why" other than to tell you my husband and I have been trying for three years to have a child. I was thinking about what I could do to bring sexy back to myself, but also my husband, and I hadn't come up with ANY ideas. I can't tell you what fertility problems does to you mentally, but physically it takes its toll. I want to do this because I want to feel sexy, attractive and most importantly normal again."

Her session happened & it was so much fun! I send over her digitals & she sends this back --

"Where do I start? You are amazing. I shared these on my fertility Instagram because I adore them SO much (fitforbabybee) so if you see you got tagged on a private page it's me. You made me cry tonight. Struggling with my body and resenting it for years when it didn't give me what I wanted so badly suddenly didn't matter as much. I can't wait to get my album and I hope it's okay if I hug you. These are everything. I've been staring at them for an hour and I zoom in and zoom out about twenty times before moving to another picture because I don't recognize myself. Thank you for everything you've done for me and you have no idea. Really my self confidence is through the roof because of what you've done. Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart.  "

Boudoir photography is such a gift & it means the world to me opening up my client's eyes to their true beauty that everyone around them sees everyday.