If you've been following along on my Instagram or you are apart of the Indium Gems FB group, you already know I've moved studio spaces! 

Previously, my studio was based in my home in Grain Valley. My photographer friend, Jesse, and I were casually looking for a space to rent, but we were super picky. I honestly thought it'd be a few months before we found something, but within a couple weeks, we found this space & we both had all the heart eyes. We signed the lease the very next morning. We have two rooms that are next door to one another so yes, we do share two spaces. However, we do not plan on ever scheduling two clients at once so it won't feel like a shared space.

Since I have a new studio space, staying in the Grain Valley house doesn't make a lot of sense so Daniel & I have decided to sell the house. We listed it last week and it sold that same day. We are so excited to live and work in the city! 

Here are some of my favorites from my first session at the new studio. All of these outfits are a part of the Gem Client Closet!
Wall Tapestry: Whisker Row
Necklace: Opal and Gold