I had the pleasure of hanging out with this gem on the day of the solar eclipse. I didn't even know it was happening until the day before ha! Neither of us were very into it, but we definitely had our eclipse glasses ready to go and definitely paused the session to go stare at it. Anyway----

Every wonder why a single gal would want to do a boudoir session? Here's her story-

"Growing up I believed in fairy tales. I believed the meaning of life was to find a husband, get married and have kids. I would talk about my wedding a lot as a kid, and when I discovered Pinterest, the first thing I did was make a wedding board. One of the greatest pins I ever tagged was a boudoir shoot for the bride to give to the groom on the wedding day. I fell in love with this idea! Throughout high school and college, I feel I drifted through-creating memories, playing sports, making friends…but I was always ‘waiting.’ Waiting for Mr. Right, waiting for my wedding, waiting for my opportunity to do that boudoir shoot.

It wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started to discover that there was more to life than a wedding. Do I still believe in fairy tales? Sure. Do I still dream of my future husband and a family? Sure. However, I cannot tell you at exactly what moment I decided to quit living for that ONE chapter in my life. I decided to enjoy life INDEPENDENTLY and make the most of myself, by myself. Since that epiphany, I took better control of my finances. I quit working just for the job and started discovering my career path. I found such deeper value in my friendships and accepted that there is nothing wrong for my definition of family, at my age, to still be my mommy, daddy and siblings. I finally felt free to live in the moment and build my OWN life. However, I still slipped into Pinterest and glanced at that boudoir shoot-believing one day.

January 2017 is when I decided to invest in my diet and begin working out again. Around this time is when I discovered your Instagram page through a friend and started following. I love seeing all the different women and the beauty you bring to them through photos. I love the confidence and the differing body types. What I love most, is they are unique and empowering women-not like the bridal boudoir shoot I saved those years ago on Pinterest.

I want to do the shoot to not only live in the moment for myself (no marriage in sight), but to show what beauty looks like-loving your body even when it’s a process and even when you eat cupcakes every now and then"