What the hell is a non-maternity maternity boudoir shoot? It’s not really a thing, but we made it a thing on this day. This California mama (who is also a boudoir photographer herself!) looked all over the U.S. for a boudoir photographer and she chose Indium Boudoir! I low-key feel really special. She was so excited to have a day dedicated to herself, but sometimes life doesn’t go perfectly as “planned”. She found out she was pregnant shortly after booking andddd would only be 24 weeks at said shoot (most maternity shoots are done around week 30-33)! I obvs offered her to reschedule, but she politely declined wanting to embrace herself 100% which I was so happy about!

My life dream for every client who steps into my studio is for them to embrace and love themselves. This gem was already on the right track. But ya know…she wanted a regular boudoir shoot. That’s where the whole maternity non-maternity came in. We created both.



not pregnant…

not pregnant…


Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience?
“I haven’t felt that pretty in a long time. I am definitely standing a little bit taller since my session. Also there is something to be said for prioritizing yourself and saying “yes, I’m worth it” that really changes your mindset.”


“During the session Traci made me feel SO comfortable. She directed poses to highlight and "hide" my growing belly so that my final gallery would have a nice combination of the two. She listened to me go on and on about how I didn't know what to wear and helped me narrow down everything I brought based off of the poses and set ups she had in mind. She took all the pressure off of me and created an environment where I could truly relax and enjoy.”


“To say I was nervous going into the reveal session would be an understatement. When I saw my gallery all of those feelings went away. I felt beautiful. I felt sexy. I felt celebrated.

Making the conscious decision to prioritize myself and spend that money on myself and this experience was not easy, but I left having zero regrets. It's so hard to say yes to yourself when there are so many voices in your head suggesting that you're not worth it or not ready or or or...

I am SO proud of these photos - not just because of how I look (wowzers) or how confident they make me feel but because they're a reminder that I made the conscious decision to say "yes" to myself and prioritize myself and tell myself that I'm worth it. I did something for me and gave myself a gift in spite of all those excuses. I will cherish my album forever and I will have one of the photos on my wall with pride. Go me.

Thank you Traci for this incredible experience. I will never forget it.”