WHY? Why do my clients choose me and why do I shoot boudoir?

Being the realest, I avoided photographing boudoir for years. I’ve been a photographer since 2007 and I didn’t have my first boudoir session until 2015. 8 years ugh *face palm*. If I could go back in time, I would. I always thought boudoir was “weird”. Not weird as in "ew why would someone want photos in their undies"...weird like "uhh why is the lighting and outfits and editing so bad?" I wasn’t inspired by it. I didn’t like the very few photos I saw of it. Cringey is probably the word. I was so sheltered in my early career because I worked for traditional studios so I honestly didn't see much of it. Our focus was weddings.

This is basically what I'm talking about llololol

This is basically what I'm talking about llololol

When I went out on my own, I really started exploring the whole photography industry and found worlds of talent. Then finally, I found a different kind of boudoir photographer and then I found even more after that. It sucks that it took me seeing other great boudoir work to realize it can be beautiful, but I wasn't ever interested in "fixing" boudoir. Like I said, I avoided it. So I am super happy I came across these amazing boudoir artists. Quickly, I'm talkin' days, I photographed a friend in my apartment. I instantly fell in love with the art and now it is my only type of photography I offer.

There are TOO MANY women in this world who have no idea how gorgeous they are. I’ve always felt this way. I’ve always seen the beauty in every woman since I was little. Now I have the tools to show someone else what I see. It’s such a gift. There are a lot of women too who think the only pretty photos of themselves are selfies. They don’t believe someone else can get a good photo of them. My work is nowhere near a selfie or a snapchat filter, but I promise it’s better.

My clients choose to hire me for my stellar reputation, my one-of-a-kind style, high quality of photography, and the amazing experience I offer. So come get nakey in front of my camera. You've got nothing to lose.