This gem has been through so much and is still going through so much and I am so proud of her for doing this session! She put herself first, just for 1 day, to get back in touch with her feminine side and to celebrate her for her. Here is what she had to say…

Why boudoir? ”For ME! It takes some time and some “life” to figure out who you are... and maybe it took me a little more time and a little more life to get here. I wanted to capture and celebrate who I am as a woman. There isn’t much that I think is more beautiful and powerful than someone who is able to find the courage and strength to bravely be who they were meant to be. Especially after surviving the epic shit storms life can brew. There is so much beauty in femininity. I wanted to honor that part of who I am. It was a long road to get to this place, but now that I’m here... why not get photographic evidence! Besides when I’m 80 years old... I’m sure the grandkids will love seeing their grannies boudoir photo book on the coffee table!!”


Why Indium? “After reading the blog, reviews, stalking Instagram and Facebook for a good 6 months it was more and more evident that Traci is not only committed to giving ALL women an opportunity to see how beautiful and valuable they really are...she’s passionate about women being in touch with themselves. Her work is passionate, detailed and genuine. There’s absolutely nothing fake/trendy about what she does. The quality of her work is a testament to who she is.”


“Traci has really taken Boudoir photography to a whole different level... really there’s boudoir.... and then there’s Indium Boudoir”


Has anything changed since? “Being brave, and feminine is powerful... and sexy.... and if you can be all that and climb on a couch in a bodysuit...c’mon! 
I had some nerves like anyone else would. I was also REALLY excited about doing this. I had a funny little moment the next morning when I was getting dressed and I’m standing in my closet and I just stopped and had this thought of “you freakin did a boudoir shoot yesterday... you little bad ass!””


Anything you wish you would have done differently? “No. It was the best experience. Zero regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat. I can’t even imagine how anyone would feel uncomfortable doing a shoot with you. The attention to detail, patience, genuine kindness was so much more than I expected. There is absolutely no way anyone would ever walk out of that studio with less than the very best experience and images to prove it. 
It is clear in every single thing that Traci does that she is all in, no holding back, genuinely, and fiercely committed to you having the best session.”


Ready to brave your own boudoir session?!