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Embracing The Journey | Kansas City Boudoir

Miss K is on the journey of IVF. She is a mama of 1, a wife, a girl boss business owner, and one inspiring woman. I'm so happy she chose to embrace her journey by signing up for a boudoir shoot mid-ivf. She actually thought she would have bruises from the injections and was still 100% into the shoot without Photoshop. We missed the bruises, but I hope her story inspires you to love yourself a little more just as you are. 


"In the depth of an IVF fertility cycle would not be when most women would choose to do a boudoir shoot. After months of loss, hormones and feeling like a human pin cushion, I honestly can say that a boudoir shoot with Traci and her team was exactly what I needed at precisely the right time in life. Rather than simply powering through the struggle, I chose to embrace this time of extreme femininity in my life and fall in love with my body and its imperfections again. We women are so hard on ourselves - and I'm one of the worst! It was time to change my outlook from critical to loving and graceful and appreciative of all that my body is capable of doing, including fostering a human life. The experience was fun, uplifting and inspiring. I felt completely comfortable with Traci, she is extremely approachable and open and man is she fast at turning her final product! I would highly recommend Indium to anyone, any age, any stage of life."


"[Indium Boudoir had] the best boudoir photos I have ever seen. I followed her on instagram. And I preferred a female photographer."


"I think of myself as more beautiful than ever before, even though I know my body has had better stages in life, I feel more of the beauty that was always there on the inside as odd as that sounds."


A little update on her journey: she is pregnant!! If you're struggling with infertility, know that you are not alone. About ten in 100 (6.1 million) women in the U.S. have difficulty becoming pregnant. If you're in KC and want support or to get involved, visit

Hot Mama | Kansas City Boudoir

Hot Mama | Kansas City Boudoir

Miss M totally slayed her session. She is so sweet, hilarious, and I am so happy she chose me for her boudoir experience! This is a great reminder that even though we love pleasing others and putting them first, we still need to pay attention to ourselves with self-love and care. I am certain self-love is a major key to happiness. Let's live our best lives, ladies! You are as important as the people around you. Don't forget that.


"I’ve been dying to do one of your boudoir shoots, I stalk your page, and a lot of my girlfriends have came to you.. and they look BOMB!! With a busy nurse life and mom life, I just haven’t bit the bullet!! I have ZERO, I mean ZERO.. pictures of myself alone, because well I’ve taken on the roll of mom! I never do anything for myself anymore, so I feel like I need to get my Mojo back!! This would be to build me back up, show myself I still have it & show even moms can feel beautiful and sexy too!! You do amazing, and I love how you empower women!!!"


"I have always wanted to shoot with Traci, her work always has me in "AHH". I'm a mom of 2 and just wanted to feel beautiful and sexy again, and she did that for me!!"

"I chose Indium Boudoir because a lot of my friends have used her, then once I started following her on social media, I was obsessed. She made girls of every size look like bombshells and I could see confidence radiating from these women!!"


"I feel so much more comfortable in my skin, and feel like I have the "HOT MOM" thing totally back!! She raised my confidence more than I could ever repay her!"


"Traci walked me through everything. Showed me what looked good. Not only was Traci amazing, but Mel the makeup artist was FANTASTIC!"

8 Myths About Boudoir Photography

  1. You have to be model material.
    Nope. What even is model material? Size 0? Size 22? You don't have to be anything but yourself to have boudoir photos done!
  2. Boudoir is not for pregnant women.
    Say what?! Pregnancy is gorgeous. On average, women are pregnant 2 times their whole life. You deserve beautiful photos revealing that baby belly! It won't be that way forever.
  3. You have to be gifting boudoir photos in order to need a boudoir shoot.
    False. Believe it or not, most of my clients are single ladies. There are quite a few who used it as a gift (wedding, anniversary, birthday), but most come in for the experience for themselves. Treat yoself! You don't need a reason other than "I want to."
  4. You should only get boudoir photos done once in a lifetime.
    My boudoir shoots are so fun, you'll want to do them year after year. You change as does your looks and mindset. There is no shame in having boudoir done as often as you want!
  5. I can't do boudoir. I'm not sexy.
    It's my job to pose you to bring out that inner sexy model in you. I give you direction every minute of our shoot. It's all about the hands, hair, and hips. Plus, not every photo will be sexy! Some are more flirty and most are simply gorgeous.
  6. Boudoir photos are not for moms.
    Moms are my favorite clients! They're usually the ones that need it most. It's nice to have a few hours out of one day where it's all about getting taken care of instead of taking care of someone else. You get to look back on these photos anytime to see the gorgeous sexy you that's always in there somewhere.
  7. You need to have lingerie for a boudoir shoot.
    Not quite. You don't have to wear any lingerie at all. A baggy sweater with boy shorts and thigh high socks is one of my fav looks to photograph. The white sheet comes in at a close second.
  8. I can't afford this.
    Wrong. Anything you want in life, you can have. It's all about working towards it. You shouldn't think "I can't." You should think, "How can I?" That goes for anything in life. You're worth it! Invest in yourself. Treat yourself.