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Kansas City's Newest Lingerie Boutique Now Open!

So we did A THING!

We strongly advise our clients to bring at least 2-3 lingerie/looks/sets with them to their session and we started to notice a pattern. Online orders wouldn’t make it in time. Clients shopping in person only to be disappointed by what they found or lack thereof. Clients bringing in lingerie and not ending up liking the way it photographed. Online orders coming in and not fitting properly or receiving the wrong thing or damaged items or simply not liking on in person as much as they liked it on the online model. So many probs.

I always had the idea of owning a lingerie store in the back of my mind. A “one day” thing or a far away dream. Something that might never happen, but I finally started down the path and it all happened VERY quickly.

Indium Intimates became a reality.

So exciting!! We are now open in the heart of Waldo at 75th and Wornall. Open Tuesday-Sunday. We absolutely love making our clients feel beautiful. Stop in. I promise it’s worth it! Check out our Instagram Story or DM us if you’re looking for something specific!