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Come As You Are | Kansas City Boudoir

Sometimes I hear people describe boudoir as a '“once in a life time experience”. It’s only once in a life time if you want it to be! This gem right here is a 2 timer and I’m hoping she’ll be back for a third some day. It’s never a bad thing to document your growth as a woman. There’s this preconceived notion looming over boudoir where women automatically think they need to be their best selves before they book. That’s a lot of fucking pressure. Why not just embrace yourself as you are? That’s what boudoir shoots are really about. Finally seeing the beauty that everyone around you sees when they look at you. You’re more than a number on a scale. You’re more than ‘just a mom’. Boudoir is an experience, but it’s also a tool that has proven time and time again to be a major confidence boost and a way to look back on the powerful woman you always have been.

“There’s so many reasons why I wanted to do another shoot! As a mother, business owner, wife, daughter, etc I feel like there’s so much pressure to be what society tells us to be, but we’re so much more than that! I’ve never felt more liberated as I have since turning 30. Women are told to be this way, don’t do this, don’t say this shoot was breaking all these narratives. I’ve never been more proud that this body has carried a child for 9 months, this body alone fed a child for his first 6 months of life, I’m proud I can be both a mother but feel incredibly sexy and that I’m still my own person. I felt like a queen that day, and I’m so thankful I did another one! I’ll cherish these images forever. Never been more proud to be a woman. Girl power all the way.”


What made you choose Indium Boudoir? “This was an easy choice, Traci you are insanely talented and there’s literally no one else I’d trust to shoot these gorgeous images. I love what you stand for and what your business is built on, making women feel like gems and that’s exactly what I felt like leaving. The entire shoot Traci walks you through the entire process all while making you feel comfortable yet sexy. I can’t say enough good things about Indium and Traci. Also can we talk about that studio? Absolutely gorgeous in every way, hands down the best!”


Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience?
Feeling more confident and sexy than ever!


Single Mom Makes a Comeback | Kansas City Boudoir

I could tell Miss M was nervous when she walked in the door. I could also see how absolutely gorgeous she was and just hoped she saw it too before she left for the day. We talked about mean boys and horrible dates during hair and makeup. The shoot happened and I knew she was nailing the shots. Once we went through her photos I could finally see her “ah-ha” moment and it gave me all the feels. She thanked me and hugged me. Pretty sure she almost cried happy tears. I told her she’d meet someone amazing soon and guess what?! She’s already dating someone she really likes. I see them together on the ‘gram all the time. Read her story below.


“30 is the comeback year.”

Why did you do a boudoir shoot? “This time last year I thought I was getting married. I was the happiest I had ever been in life and I thought everything was perfect. All of that came to a terrible end and I was left picking up the pieces. I allowed someone else to have control of my happiness and mental health. I spent the last year pulling myself out of a really dark place. Taking care of yourself when you're a mom is usually last on the list. I set a goal to change that and to start working on myself. I wanted to document what my 30th year has really meant to me. 30 is the comeback year. I finally feel confident in who I am as a woman. I know what I am looking for in life, and that nothing is ever worth my mental health. I don't know what the rest of life holds for me, but I want to always remember 30 and know that I can get through whatever comes my way. I wanted these photos as a reminder of what a strong badass mom and woman I've become.”


Why did you choose Indium Boudoir? “I love the natural colors of their studio and that none of the photos look forced. They capture each persons true beauty and grace without trying too hard! I love the girl power message they always convey, giving confidence to women of all shapes sizes and ages.”


“I was so happy with myself!!!”

Has anything changed for you since your boudoir session? “Seeing myself at the photo review was almost shocking. It’s easy to forget how beautiful you are, especially when you're a mom or have been in a relationship that made you feel otherwise. I went into this thinking I was going to need an embarrassing amount of Photoshop. I was thinking that I don't look like a "model" and that I didn't have an ideal body shape and that I should have been going to the gym.

And I was surprised to see that was not the case (AT ALL!!) I was so happy with myself!!! This really taught me not to compare myself to others and to practice self love. I was letting society make me feel like I was less than if I didn't look a certain way. I was letting that effect me more than I ever knew. This realization was such a huge moment for me and I can’t thank you enough for pulling me out of my comfort zone to see that. I've been beaming with confidence and positivity this last week. This experience was huge mile marker in the work I have been putting in with knowing my true worth and finally putting some things in the past. I let this last year hold me back from dating again, and I have a date this weekend. (You were right!!) Thank you for giving me the push I needed to get back out there.”


“Traci, you were so awesome and instructive.”

Anything you wish we would have done differently? “I wish I wouldn't have been so nervous going into it. Now that I have done it, I wish I would have had more confidence walking in the door instead of only on the way out. I think that held me back from taking even better photos. Traci, you were so awesome and instructive. I think between my nerves and trying to listen to make sure I was doing it right, I was thinking too much. The anticipation and wanting them to be perfect was high for me and I wish I would have not taken myself so seriously and loosened up a bit! (Life lesson right there!) I cant wait to do this again someday and walk into it knowing better.”


Non-Maternity Maternity Boudoir Shoot | Kansas City

What the hell is a non-maternity maternity boudoir shoot? It’s not really a thing, but we made it a thing on this day. This California mama (who is also a boudoir photographer herself!) looked all over the U.S. for a boudoir photographer and she chose Indium Boudoir! I low-key feel really special. She was so excited to have a day dedicated to herself, but sometimes life doesn’t go perfectly as “planned”. She found out she was pregnant shortly after booking andddd would only be 24 weeks at said shoot (most maternity shoots are done around week 30-33)! I obvs offered her to reschedule, but she politely declined wanting to embrace herself 100% which I was so happy about!

My life dream for every client who steps into my studio is for them to embrace and love themselves. This gem was already on the right track. But ya know…she wanted a regular boudoir shoot. That’s where the whole maternity non-maternity came in. We created both.



not pregnant…

not pregnant…


Has anything changed for you since your boudoir experience?
“I haven’t felt that pretty in a long time. I am definitely standing a little bit taller since my session. Also there is something to be said for prioritizing yourself and saying “yes, I’m worth it” that really changes your mindset.”


“During the session Traci made me feel SO comfortable. She directed poses to highlight and "hide" my growing belly so that my final gallery would have a nice combination of the two. She listened to me go on and on about how I didn't know what to wear and helped me narrow down everything I brought based off of the poses and set ups she had in mind. She took all the pressure off of me and created an environment where I could truly relax and enjoy.”


“To say I was nervous going into the reveal session would be an understatement. When I saw my gallery all of those feelings went away. I felt beautiful. I felt sexy. I felt celebrated.

Making the conscious decision to prioritize myself and spend that money on myself and this experience was not easy, but I left having zero regrets. It's so hard to say yes to yourself when there are so many voices in your head suggesting that you're not worth it or not ready or or or...

I am SO proud of these photos - not just because of how I look (wowzers) or how confident they make me feel but because they're a reminder that I made the conscious decision to say "yes" to myself and prioritize myself and tell myself that I'm worth it. I did something for me and gave myself a gift in spite of all those excuses. I will cherish my album forever and I will have one of the photos on my wall with pride. Go me.

Thank you Traci for this incredible experience. I will never forget it.”