• How do I book with Indium Boudoir?

    Send me a message here or email me traci@indiumboudoir.com and give me all the details! I want to know who you are and what you're looking for. Once you decide we're a match, we'll set a date and time for your session. Once the contract is signed and the booking fee is paid, you're all set!

  • How far in advance should I book?

    You should schedule no later than 6 weeks prior to needing your product in hand. My calendar does fill quickly. I'm currently accepting sessions through out 2019. The more in advance you secure your date, the longer you have to plan!

  • Where will I be photographed?

    Boudoir Sessions typically take place in my studio located in the West Bottoms in Kansas City. If you prefer your home or another location, I'm open to discussing that.

  • Does the booking fee apply to my order?

    For 2019, I am only offering all-inclusive options. The "booking fee" secures your date and is applied to your total.

  • If I want to do my own hair and makeup, is there a discount?

    No, hair and makeup services are complimentary with the booking fee. If you choose to not take advantage of these services, the booking fee does not change. I promise you're in a great hands! Let yourself be pampered for a day!

  • What is the Gem Client Closet?

    The Gem Client Closet consists of various sizes and styles you're welcome to browse through after hair & makeup. I still recommend bringing 2-3 of your own outfits just incase. You can see some of my pieces by clicking here.

  • How long does a session take?

    From makeup to completing your order, my sessions typically start at 12pm and end around 5pm. There is an approximated schedule in the Indium Boudoir Shoot Planner PDF which you will receive once you inquire.

  • Do you travel?

    Fly me to New York? Yes, please! I am available to travel internationally. Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I will always post when and where I'm traveling so you'll know when I'm in your area available to shoot! If you're bringing me to you, you'll have to cover flight, 2 night stay, and any studio rental fees.

  • What is the turn around time?

    I offer a same day Viewing + Ordering Appointment. If you cannot do same day viewing, we can schedule your viewing/ordering for a different date. Once your order is placed & paid in full, it will be ready for pick up, shipping, or delivery 4-6 weeks later.

  • What is a Viewing + Ordering appointment?

    A Viewing + Ordering Appointment is a scheduled time for you, and whoever you'd like to invite, to meet me at my studio to see your photos for the first time! We will go through Indium's product line, look at samples, and start narrowing down to your favs. I will help you through this process with my expert opinion. This is the only chance you are given to order your photos. Any images not ordered will be purged permanently. Payment is due at this time. No exceptions.

  • Do you offer digital images?

    Yes, I currently offer digital files with my collections!

  • Can I bring a friend to my photo session?

    No boys allowed, sorry! It's a girls only day! You can invite a friend, mom, or sister for comfort, but I do not recommend it. It can be awkward posing in front of them so the friends who have joined previous sessions end up sitting in a different room. The friend cannot take photos with their phone. Please let me know if you plan on bringing someone.

  • Do you recommend letting the makeup artist put lashes on me?

    Yes, please and thank you. Lashes are included with the makeup artist! I understand ladies having natural long and dark lashes, but they just do not tend to show up in photos. Fuller, longer, false lashes really bring out the eyes and give the full effect in boudoir photos. It may feel strange or look over-done in real life, but the photos will turn out much better. However, lashes are not required!

  • Do you offer couples boudoir?

    No, I do not photograph couples or men at this time. Thank you for understanding!

  • Do you recommend prints or digitals?

    I highly recommend choosing printed product over digitals! I offer printed work for many reasons: -All of Indium Photo's products are printed through a professional lab located right here in America. You are supporting small business by ordering prints through Indium.

    -A print will outlive a cd, usb, dvd, hard drive, and any social media. Technology changes very rapidly. I've heard horror stories of people who kept images 'safe' on a hard drive, finally went to print them a year or few later, and the hard drive no longer worked. Their images from college, getting engaged, and wedding photos gone forever. It costs thousands to pull information (if even possible) from dead hard drives. Remember floppy disks? Me either. Computers are no longer even including CD drives or USB ports. Not to mention CDs and DVDs go corrupt very easily which means if you don't get around to printing those digital files quickly enough, you might not ever be able to. The safest route is to print right away!

    -Don't you want to be 72 years old and still be able to look at printed photographs of how gorgeous you are?!

    -If you're going through the process of hiring a professional photographer, finish that process by having those photos printed professionally. Places like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, etc., are not considered a professional grade print. Plus, do you really want to send your private photos for print at such a place?

    -A digital is something you want now, but a print is something you will want five to ten years from now. It's something you can pass down through generations (hey, some of the photos we will take, your daughter(s) & granddaughter(s) will absolutely adore). Don't let the satisfaction of sharing online replace the forever power a print holds.