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I am no longer offering 1:1 coaching. As fun as it was, I can serve a greater number of people with online courses. I plan to eventually implement in person workshops if there is high enough demand.


Don’t have a Client Management System? you need to get one!

Honeybook Review time: I chose Honeybook because they’re the only company I could find who sets everything up FOR YOU(!) which let’s be honest…definitely the most annoying part. Sitting there copying and pasting and trying to learn how to use entry fields, ew. Getting a headache just thinking about it.

SO I sent them my contract, questionnaires, packages/pricing, emails, contact form…everything I had. They had it ready to go in less than 72 hours. It does take some getting used to, but once you know where everything is, it makes life so much more streamlined! I use it for invoicing, payment plans (auto payment feature makes your client’s life easier), contracts, communication, questionnaires, & inquiries. It syncs with Quickbooks and you can look at income reports in HB on the fly. Incase it isn’t obvious, highly recommend!

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They also have a money back guarantee so it’s really a no brainer.